Monday, May 16, 2011

In A More Positve Light...

This creative surge I felt was amazing. I started playing around with the furniture we already have, moving it here and there, trying new things. I found some design inspiration on and I follwed my instincts and came up with some cool new arrangements in our living room, which is now the formal dining room (highly irregular, my husband said like Colonel Hathi from The Jungle Book, but he meant it in a good way:). I used my couch with my pine Ikea dining table with two of my Saarinen tulip chairs to make a cozy dining area in front of the fireplace. This freed up another space which in the meantime, I'm just living with the nice clear area. I also got rid of some uber-hideous nightstands I bought at a garage sale for the interim until miss picky could find THE ONES(I have a hard time with decisions)!!! Three years later they were still flanked on either side of our bed, causing me much visual distress. I moved a seagrass trunk to one side where I placed my new white charging station from Pottery Barn and on the other side a cool vintage capiz shell laminated pedestal table. All this was free. I released the junk and then the inspiration came. First the inner junk, then in faith I got rid of the outer junk, trusting and having faith that I would be supplied and would not be without a space for my glass of water (heaven forbid!!) and not even five minutes later I had it done!! This stuff has been in my house for years and until I released the inner crud I couldn't see it. As within, so without. It feels beautiful and unique to me and I love meditating in our bedroom even more. The living room is so cozy and inviting and I am now ready to put out all the beautiful Etsy gifts from my darling daughter from Mother's Day. I will post some pics soon. To cheer myself up I had a little Etsy binge the day of the tantrum (see earlier post of Etsy purchases). As my daughter and I like to say, "Etsy make everyTING okay", said like Miss Swan.

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