Thursday, May 12, 2011

Misappropriated Joy...

I logged onto my Pottery Barn account this morning to find that the charging station I ordered will be delivered today. I felt giddy, even joyful at the thought of this and then I realized that it's not about the thing itself, it's the actual Source of ALL things that gives me this joy, so why am I not feeling it ALL the time. That little adjustment this morning actually fueled me with joy and grateful expectation of a never-ending supply of goodness that flows non-stop in and out of my life. There's a huge difference between joy and happiness. Happiness is contingent upon outer circumstances making it fleeting. Joy is innate and must be cultivated, but once you have it, it can never be taken away, no matter what is going on around you.

I remember watching a show about women who were addicted to shopping (ahem) and there was one woman who could not go one day without having something delivered to her home via internet shopping. She would get so excited and then all at once completely deflated and disappointed. This is because she was misappropriating her joy, putting her happiness in the seen rather than the unseen from which all the seen comes from. This one little adjustment could have healed her addiction.

I can tell the difference between shopping because I'm bored and actually purchasing something that will make my soul sing. I've learned to ask, what do I really want? (BTW, this works for food cravings or any other kind of addiction for that matter).
The answer is always the same, Once I've been restored and if I still feel the need to make a purchase, there is a fulfilling quality that does not dissipate after tearing into the box and throwing away the wrapping.

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