Monday, May 16, 2011

Too Beady, Too Bumpy, Too Leafy, Too Lumpy...

I was given a vintage copy of this book from my friend Shellie when I had my son Liam. I love this book and I remember Shellie saying it was a favorite of hers from childhood. I was going to Home Depot the other day and I was noticing all the cars and imagining myself owning and driving them. Nothing felt right and I thought of this story. I pulled up to the stoplight and tears started to roll down my cheeks as I started to think about how much I absolutely love my dear girl Dolly. Dolly is our 1991 Toyota Land Cruiser. She was purchased from my friend Dava who also loved her dearly, so much in fact that even though she had a brand new Lexus QX470 with all the bells and whistles, she continued to drive Dolly exclusively for a whole year. She's the one who named her and wasn't going to sell her until I demanded one day that she do so and to me!! In the story the little bear guy wants a new hat (or thinks he does) and he goes into the hat shop and tries on all the hats and they are all too this or too that and he ends up walking out with his own hat, which was just right. I know we need another car, and I need to release this to God to bring us another car that is just right and I will also throw a little money Dolly's way to spruce her up a bit, because she really deserves it. My kids love her and she is part of the family, she has her own personality and she is known for always getting us to our destination safely. Over the weekend I drove out to Carpenteria to test drive a Buick Roadmaster station wagon with wood paneling, circa 1994. She drove like a dream and I told the lady I would bring my husband when she came back from her trip next week and we'd let her know then. Maybe this is our right and perfect car. I need to be silent and turn the other voices in my head off. There are some good evidences...she is owned by a really sweet little lady, who was a park ranger at Carpinteria State Beach, who maintained her meticulously for car-pool and recently had some work done before listing it on Craiglist so that she knew it would be safe for the next family. It has a heating issue and I'm prone to cold and need a good heater, heat repairs and a/c tend to be pricey, but the car is listed for only $3,500.00. She has tremendous get up and go, something Dolly does not, they didn't put the V8's in Land Cruisers til later and she's a big girl for a four cylinder. This wagon comes in WAY under budget and I could still buy another "fun" car if I decided or just have the money in the bank symbolizing all the possibilities it could bring our family.

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