Saturday, December 10, 2011

Feeling Nature...

Today as I looked into the mirror for the first time at my newly Nordic blonde hair, I felt as if I was looking at myself with fresh eyes. I settled into that feeling which was a form of gratitude and love and just sort of hung in there and meditated with it for a minute, making sure to memorize the feeling. I then decided that's how I want to look at myself every day, with fresh eyes, as if I'm seeing myself for the first time, taking nothing for granted. To be in awe of this vessel I have been gifted. I asked for it in prayer as I continued magnifying those pleasant feelings. I don't need radical change all the time, but I do desire to feel the way I felt today in response to the radical change. Most often it's not the change we're after, it's the way we think it's going to make us feel about ourselves, so why not skip the middle man and go right for the meat and potatoes?? Many times we are dissappointed after having some kind of a physical alteration, it doesn't turn out as we expected or worse, it looks horrible. I believe if we go for that feeling, we will bring more beauty into our physical appearances as well as our surroundings. Catherine Ponder has a lot to say on the subject of appreciating beauty and love in her book, The Prospering Power of Love. If you desire something, you must first embody the essence of that desire. Be it beauty, luxury or affluence. You can have anything you desire, but these are the rules. Feel what it would be like to have just won the lottery or to be exquisitely beautiful and see what changes manifest in your life. Of course it's not so simple as I've put it, you must also have knowlegde. The feeling nature is the female principle of God and knowledge is the male counter-part and both parents must be present for the child (manifestation) to be born. What kind of knowledge? Understanding God, who and what God is (and isn't) and that we are created in His image and likeness, then get to work manifesting it and glorifying Him in our world.

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