Thursday, December 8, 2011

Time Well Spent...

For the past several weeks rather than blog, I have spent time in silence, I have read and re-read books, I have prayed and meditated and asked for more faith, understanding and wisdom. In the silence, rather than expecting God to speak to me, I had no expectations at all. I just wanted to be with Him, absorbing him, so that I (the small me) no longer exists. There is such peace there. Always needing or wanting something from God is the opposite of peace. Although I mentioned wanting more faith, wisdom and understanding in prayer, I did not bring it into the silence. Instead I just assumed I was already one with my desires and left everything else up to God and I was able to just Be and absorb His "atmosphere". I get into trouble when I try to Do too much. I have to be reminded that I am a human being, not a human doing. My only involvement with others is in the silence, no matter how much they are struggling, no matter even if it's a child in danger (it is not my job to get in the way of something that may bring this child back to Him). My only part in the service is to be a channel for God. Whenever I get involved in any other way it is my ego needing to be the hero and it ends badly. I'm learning that God never tells me to go out and "do" something (that is always my ego needing to take action, to save the day). I'm learning this lesson and it takes loads off my soul. Being able to let God, who is Omnipotent good take over, fully trusting in His power takes a lot of wear and tear off of my body, mind and soul. And the work is done much faster and it is always done perfectly. This is where an expanded consciousness of Faith really serves us well. Without this Faith, to seemingly (to the human eye) turn our backs on someone in trouble, especially a child seems cruel, but to one who has this Faith it is Understood that God has already taken care of the situation and all is well, He would never let harm come to His children and all it takes is one person to understand. This is the ONLY way we serve God. Once we understand this, there will no longer be a need for doctors, lawyers or social workers. It will be understood that we don't need to "earn" our keep by going into some profession to help mankind. Where has this help gotten us? We're all still sick as ever, child and animal abuse is rampant and we are an extremely litiguous society. Obviously it's time for a higher set of laws to govern. One of the reasons I stay away from Facebook is that my relatives are always posting something about how unfair our society is and to please boycott this or that. They are constantly offended about something in life. The latest one was about not purchasing things from China, because there are unemployed people here and China is arrogant. Well, if that's not the pot calling the kettle black. Now, I buy what I want from whomever I want. And trust me those who struggle with lack will always struggle with lack no matter where I purchase my goods. I do try and purchase locally for many reasons, none so arrogant as to not put money in the pockets of my fellow man across the ocean. We are all one and we all need to eat and have shelter. I don't understand this whole "buy American" mentality. I'm all for global and fair trade. There is plenty for everyone. And so by staying off of Facebook, I'm less likely to reply with a snarky remark and I am more able to see them all with the endless supply that is available to us all. I am Being, rather than doing. Doing would have caused a fight, hurt feelings, perhaps name calling, talking behind each others backs, etc...Being is gently allowing God's nature to flow outward, without my ego getting involved (trying to tell God to please save these "sinners"), instead just knowing the Truth of Being and not hoarding it to myself, but flowing outward with prayers and good will for all. This is what keeps the the true flow of abundance from stopping. The more of the wisdom I receive and flow back out into the world, the more I receive and it manifests in beauty, prosperity, peace, freedom, love, joy, health, and an abundance of every other good thing imaginable.

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