Friday, December 23, 2011

Two Listeners...

"I may send you strange visitors. Make each desire to return. Nobody must come and feel unwanted. Share your love, joy, happiness, time and food gladly with all."

I had a strange "visitor" the other night. I was out Christmas shopping with my family and we decided to get some dinner at Sharkey's, now we usually go to the one in Westlake Village, but a new one had recently opened up closer to the Oaks Mall, so we went there instead. The one in WLV is always packed no matter what time of the day or night, this one on the other hand was a ghost town, completely empty the whole time we were there. As I walked from the car to the restaurant (ahead of my husband and kids), there was a man with a very angry and creepy vibe about him who was coming straight at me, which was odd because there was no place for him to go, so he was coming at me, but at the last minute changed his path. Later that night, I was pretty disturbed by his energy and I asked my husband if he had noticed the guy and he said,"yeah, he gave me the creeps and I tried to catch up to you and get between the two of you and then I noticed he changed his course". I couldn't sleep that night and ended up camping out on the couch with my boys and puppies, watching That 70's Show to try and forget him. I woke up the next morning to a real loud, hard knock on the front door, sure that it was him, coming to finish me off. I went to the window only to find it was the present man (my kids name for the UPS man)!! The night before I had said a prayer for this strange visitor and at the time he was coming straight at me I automatically blessed him. I felt such bad energy that I started to feel, "what's the use, he's just going to continue on". And then the still small voice spoke, "you have no idea the good that one blessing and prayer did for that man, only I know the good that will come from it", so I continued on in my prayers and blessings for him. We tend to bless those in our lives that we feel deserve it, but Jesus told us to go out among the people and he blessed the adultress, the demoniac, the leper. It's easy to bless and love those who are naturally loveable to us, but the real work is to do it for someone who is dangerous, someone who abuses children or animals, a rapist, a killer. The very ones who need to be blessed are the ones we sometimes ignore and so they continue on in their ways. Next time you hear of someone who has been harmed, say a prayer for all involved, not just the innocent party (which of course there are no innocent parties). We all attract that which helps us grow and return to our source.

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