Friday, January 6, 2012


A few months ago I witnessed a fender bender in the parking lot of the mall. The people involved were shouting at each other over the damage. One car was a brand new Mercedes, still without license plates. I couldn't help but think that this is how we behave when we have to work hard for our stuff. We place importance on the stuff and we get upset when it gets damaged or gets old. God does not work hard and neither should we. It would be nothing for Him to replace that car and to pay for the increase in the insurance and if the people had understood this it would have saved them undue stress and anger, and probably would have avoided the accident altogether by not worrying about their precious stuff getting damaged. This is how we behave when we are part of the material world. We become our stuff, everything becomes about money, particularly the saving and accumulating of it. I'm seeing more clearly where I am my stuff. I see it in politics and even though I'm trying to shelter myself from Facebook because it seems to be the sounding board for everyone's political agenda, it still seeps into my life. Friends are debating and want to engage me and I'm not participating. I just smile and nod. I am becoming unmoved in this area and I will know that I am good when I can be around the jabber and not be affected in any way. I am becoming less involved by not needing to identify with a specific party. At this point in my development there really isn't a need to declare my allegiance since I am taken care of by a higher set of laws no matter who is in office. When I no longer become offended by the opinions of others, I will know I'm truly no longer identifying in the material in this vein. I can only imagine the peace that will bring. My identity is in Christ, not political views. I see where I place importance on stuff at home when I become upset with my kids for being rough with stuff in the house. Just the other day I felt myself getting annoyed because my son already had a hole in his new tee shirt and then later accidentally stepped in the dog water with his new shoes. God will replace anything we can destroy. It's just a matter of training the mind, un-doing the brainwashing, disconnecting from the mass-consciousness who believes in limitations and lack. Truth be told those were nothing more than lessons for me, pointing out where I'm still lacking in understanding and Truth. I was annoyed because there's a dent in the back of our wagon that someone made and didn't leave a note. I catch myself and remember that God will take care of it, that the money spent replacing or repairing something doesn't mean we have to do without in another area, it just means I use my mind to create more for whatever need or desire arises. Simple and yet difficult.

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