Saturday, January 21, 2012

I Made It...

I survived the first day of the fast, which is always the worst. I felt achey, cold, tired, crabby, (you name it, I felt it). This morning I have tons of energy, don't feel the slightest bit hungry, no pain, I just feel good. I hadn't planned on leaving the house yesterday, but of course that didn't work out, I ended up having to pick up my husband at the train station. I didn't feel like cooking for the kids, so we picked up some Mexican food for them (torture), it smelled so good and I was sooooo hungry, but I was strong and I meditated instead. I'm so glad I didn't cave, because then I would have had to start all over.

I had the most beautiful, colorful dream last night. I was on a boat in a canyon of crystals and stalagtites in the most beautiful colors of irridescent pale jade green, it was nighttime, but it was lit by the full moon so everything was very visible. It was warm and breezy and we were just floating along in this beautiful canyon and it was so peaceful.

When we constantly put food in our bodies, it doesn't have a chance to rest. I know of people who have cured themselves of cancer by fasting (this is a much longer fast and is done with the aid of a specialist), but the theory is that once your body goes into starvation mode, it starts feeding off itself, thus the cancer gets eaten (totally gross, but seems like a way better option than chemo or radiation). And it totally makes sense. The Dead Sea Scrolls is supposed to be a document in which Jesus tells us how to heal the body. Fasting and colonics are what He tells us to do (but of course it's in archaic language). Just as our minds need rest and elimination, so do our bodies, because we are three-fold beings (body, mind and soul). Those who are spiritual who neglect the body are missing a huge part of what Jesus taught (the saving of the body and the soul). The body temple is an amazing machine and everything we need to heal is within us. Like they say, incurable just means curable from within. I was told there was nothing I could do about epstein barr and yet I healed myself in about a week once I knew what to do. I want to start doing a fast each quarter and see how that works out. I would rather do a preventative fast every so often then have to do a fast to cure a disease. Candida builds up in our bodies from sugar and yeast and then our self healing bodies are so overloaded they can no longer do what they were so perfectly designed to do.

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