Friday, January 6, 2012

Mistaken Identity...

Today in the shower I received an answer to a prayer. I had been asking what I needed to know to move forward. I am still identifying with the material world. There is a certain insanity that goes along with that and I'm willing to give it up to have more peace, to be one with God. I thanked Him for illuminating my mind, got out of the shower and had a little meditation time. I started affirming that my identity is in Christ (my real Self). A flood of info flowed into my mind. If I am not identifying with Christ, then I have to identify with asthma, migraine, cramps, bank balance, car make and model, address, occupation, imperfection, age, time, space, cellulite, wrinkles, death, disease and all the other maladies in the world of matter. I'm ready to stop that insanity and I can hardly wait to see what that involves. I know that my Christ Self is that part of me that has never been sick or hurt, knows nothing of lack or limitation, is eternal (has never been born or died), timeless, ageless. Totally worth giving up my hold on the material world. Now as with any step into the light, I expect the dark will try and consume me, but I will judge not by appearances because I know that all that appears is caused by that which does not appear and I know He is working through me, healing and restoring, even as I work, praying and meditating. I am still and I know. I am strengthened in Christ, my identity is in Christ. I know the great paradox will not leave me without stuff, but probably even better stuff, but there will be less attachment and less pain. It will be interesting to see what my Christ Self attracts effortlessly. This is in alignment with promises that were made to me for the coming age. I can see now that I'm having a difficult time letting go of the small. We're told to claim big things, but we also have to let go and make room for the larger life we desire. I've been stuck without realizing it, but now I see it so clearly. As with any big change the first step is to become still, rather than go out and do something. Affirm the new desire and each time the old tries to surface, quickly deny it, fully understanding that He is purifying me. That He had answered my prayer even before I had asked. 2012 is off to a great start.

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