Saturday, January 7, 2012


I'm terribly impatient. I work to become patient, I ask for it, I wait for it and I'm surrounded by people who are constantly trying to teach me this valuable quality. Namely my husband. He takes FOREVER to get ready to go places and it drives me insane. I'm going to tell you the story of the time his family (dad and two sisters) came from Cincinatti to visit after our son Liam was born. We were getting ready to go out and show them L.A., and for girls, my daughter and I are pretty quick about getting ready. His oldest sister worked for MAC makeup and it took her 2 hours to put her face on (I kid you not), she didn't even look like the same person when she was done, but to her credit she woke up early and got started before anyone was up (by the time we were all up she was already on her first pack of cigarettes and second bottle of Mountain Dew, face almost complete). Fast forward, we finally get all the Leckingers' primped, ready and loaded into the rented van, when all of a sudden one of them has to pee, so one down, then his dad realizes he forgot his teeth (??) so he goes back in the house while she's doing that, two down, his other sister decides she's going to go smoke while they're doing their thing, three down, then Aaron realizes he's forgotten something and is going back into the house to retrieve it, four down. Hayley, baby Liam and I are in the mini van all by ourselves wondering WTF just happened. This is how it is EVERYTIME we leave the house. The kids and I always say, "dad forgot his teeth" everytime he has to go back into the house to get his shit. I'm so used to it now it doesn't even piss me off anymore, now it's just kind of funny. But here I am waiting for him to get out of the shower (the man takes the longest showers of anyone I've ever met), then we'll have to wait for him to pack up all of his crap just to go to Costco, iPhone-check, headphones-check, wallet-check, checkbook-check, (you get the idea), he will almost always leave one thing behind and notice it as I'm either driving down the street or if I'm really lucky I'll get the "wait I forgot my sunglasses" while I'm still in the driveway. How I've not killed him in his sleep I'll never know (maybe I'm more patient than I realize).

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