Thursday, January 19, 2012


Tonight as I was getting ready for bed, brushing my teeth, moisturizing my face and hands, I asked God why it's taking so long for my Christ body to be created. I was told to be patient, that just as my physical body had a gestation period, so does my ethereal body. It takes time for the new ideas to take hold and develope into the new body.

Tonight I'm getting a jump start on my cleanse. I drank my first "poo smoothie" (which is what we call the Sonnes colon cleanse), as I was downing my juice infused concoction, my boys were singing a poo smoothie song in the background. This stuff is not chemical, it works with the body, removing all the gunk. It comes out in the shape of your colon (which is kinda funny, don't you think??) I took my first dose of vitamins and I'm drinking my water with the cell food drops (which have a pleasant lemony flavor). I'm going to take two olive leaf capsules and call it a night. Tomorrow I will only drink my coconuts and only when absolutely necessary. The less I feed my body, the more effective the cleanse. When fasting, you have to be careful when breaking the fast as to what you put into your body (you may have strange food cravings), I craved hot spicy Mexican food last time and ate salsa and chips after having nothing in my stomach for 3 days (not a good idea), you have to ease back into food, gently and start out with a bland diet. As I recall the hunger pangs subside after the first day without food. Since I'm doing a longer duration, I'm adding the coconut, but last time I did three days without any food. The first day is a bitch, the second day was much better, the third day I was craving Mexican food. Fasting is a time to rest the body and increase spiritual activity.

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