Friday, January 6, 2012

The Whisper Of Spirit...

By Deepak Chopra...

"Several years ago I discovered that whenever I was facing a dilemma or problem, the best thing I could do was to stop thinking about it and start turning to the Spirit of God within me to find a solution. So I would find a quiet place and turn my attention inward and enter into the silence within my soul. I let go of my ego, my need to struggle with finding a solution, and simply waited for the solution to be revealed to me.

Sometimes the solution would come in the silence, and other times it would come flashing into my awareness when I was involved in some activity that had nothing to do with my problem. I might be playing tennis or running or seeing a patient, and suddenly the solution would flash on the screen of my consciousness so clearly that I knew absolutely what to do.

Since then I have learned that whenever I need to make an important decision, I need only quiet my mind, place my awareness in the presence of Spirit, and ask my questions.

I have seen some very remarkable things happen. And through my own experience, I am convinced that Spirit is abstract and transcendent, but also has infinite organizational power. Spirit can organize an infinity of space, time, and events in order to bring the outcome that is intended. Spirit is a field of conscious energy that connects everything with everything else, everyone with everyone else. I feel wonderful knowing that no matter what I do, no matter where I go, no matter what the situation, circumstance or dilemma, I can always have my awareness on the presence of Spirit.

Spirit whispers to us through the gap between our thoughts and the slightest sensation in our body. This is why spending time in the silence is so important. When we think of healing as the return to the memory of Wholeness as body, mind, spirit, and environment,we begin to understand why we must learn to still our minds.

We can do this through formal meditation or through breathing awareness or by just sitting with our eyes closed, being still, and listening for fifteen or twenty minutes.

The activity of the mind may be difficult to still in the beginning, but eventually quiet will come. And into that blessed quietness, insights and knowledge will flow to us".

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