Sunday, March 25, 2012

Toy Box...

I read somewhere (maybe in a Sarah Ban Breathwhatever book), that we should cultivate a sense of fun, that sometimes dissipates after our childhood. So, in keeping with that advice I'm collecting toys from my childood. My husband has a vintage Atari, so why not? I found a wonderful shop run by vintage doll collector extraordinaire, Karen Hopkins who is so kindly sharing her collection on Etsy. I scored a Barbie camper and bike, Sun Lovin Malibu Francie. Also a Crissy doll with growing hair. Not to be stingy, I also scored a complete wedding party unopened in the box (Midge is getting married, circa 1990), this is for my daughter, as it was one her favorite childhood toys. Okay, so this is just the beginning and I'm already starting a list in my head. Little Kiddles, flatsy, Crissy's friends, lite brite, thing maker, thing maker flower version...
Now I'm motivated to really power through the spare room AKA the room of shame, to make this a toy room or even a 70's girl bedroom. okay, I'm giddy of the prospect of that last idea. French Provential furniture from JC Penney or Sears, my Avon small world collection on the shelves...I'm verclempt...
Okay now, things to add to my bucket list:
work on that perfect (fake tan)
keep growing out the eighties bad hair cut
get purple contact lenses, ala Barbie's friend PJ, who was my favorite of all the Barbie dolls,
buy a yellow and orange camper.

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