Sunday, March 25, 2012

Turning Water Into Wine...

I've been reading a book called How to Attract Money by Joseph Murphy. Mr. Murphy wrote this book back in 1955 and everytime I read this or something from Emmet Fox or Charles Fillmore or any of those old timers, I'm just blown away that this information has been available for such a long time (not to mention the bible, which is where they got their insight for their books). So here it's been for ions and we still struggle. We can't fathom that our Creator could be so lovely as to provide for His offspring. But He does. He gave us our creative mind and once understood correctly we can manifest our hearts desires.

You can't pour new wine into old wineskins. Most people have no clue what that means. The wedding at Canna is a prosperity demonstration. Jesus is trying to teach us how to use our minds to manifest our desires. New wineskins means a new consciousness. Just like the quote from Albert Einstein, "you cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it". If you've created lack of any kind, lack of love, lack of health, lack of joy, lack of beauty, lack of prosperity, then you have to first change your mind to experience something else. Wine in the bible always means the realization of your desire. Water is the soul, the consciousness or the mind (all the same thing). In biblical times the best wine was always used first, so the fact that Jesus was able to manifest more wine towards the end is really significant. It's the law of continuous supply. "Wine in the bible always means the realization of your desires, urges, plans, dreams, propositions, etc.; in other words, it is the things you wish to accomplish, achieve, and bring forth. Water in the bible refers tonyour mind, or consciousness. Water takes the shape of any vessel into which it is poured; likewise, whatever you feel and believe as true will become manifest in your world; thus you are always changing water into wine". Mr. Murphy goes on to say that "the bible was written by illumined men; it teaches practical, everyday psychology and a way of life. One of the cardinal tenets of the bible is that you determine, mould, fashion, and shape your own destiny through right thought, feeling, and beliefs. It teaches you that you can solve any problem, overcome any situation, and that you are born to succeed, to win and to triumph. In order to discover the royal road to riches, and receive the strength and security necessary to advance in life, you must cease viewing the bible in the traditional way".

He gives a lot of great information in his little book and I highly recommend it for anyone on this path. Every little thing we read and understand just reinforces and builds upon what we already know and although his information isn't really any different from any other author on the subject, it's given from his perspective and it seemed fresh to me and I needed a new perspective to build onto my foundation. These are books to be kept and read and re-read at different junctures of life, because they will mean different things to us at different levels of growth, just as the bible does. If you are reading the bible as a history book it doesn't mean that you are interpreting it wrong, it just means that you are interpreting it correctly for where you are in your growth. Now, he goes on to say that whatever desire we have in mind, let's say improved health. Especially if you are experiencing poor health, you will have plenty of opposition in your mind, a sort of tug of war, a conflict between desire and what you have now. This is where prayer comes into play. I've always prayed for things to improve, but until I started to ask for my consciousness (the consciousness that created the problem) to be changed, my growth was slow and my manifestions took longer. I still sometimes forget in prayer that what I'm actually after is the Kingdom, not the actual desire. The Kingdom is the raised consciousness, from where evil just cannot penetrate. It's why we're taught to go for the Kingdom and all things will be added. We're so small minded and cannot see past our petty little desires that God has so much more for us, if we would only let go of the small for His unlimited, unfathomable (to us) good that He has for each one of His creations. This is where the Psalms come in to play, especially the ones mentioned in the Emmet Fox book. These prayers raise the consciousness of the person, so that they may overcome the difficulty. "Lift up ye gates" is asking for our minds to be raised to His Christ mind. After praying these Psalms over these past few weeks, I felt dissappointed. I didn't feel any different, so of course I started to pout, especially when the antithesis set in, but once I feel off the horse, got back on, I remembered to keep my focus and I had tools to tell the negative evil thoughts, that even though they were there, I was no longer going to believe in them. Then slowly came the still small voice that I had missed. I had wondered where He had gone, when I needed Him so desperately and He was nowhere to be found. And just like every time He goes away and comes back, He was stronger and more powerful and I was more willing to listen and follow through with what I was told to do.

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