Sunday, April 29, 2012

Another Piece Of The Puzzle...

I love it when I read something, (most likely something I've read many times before), but this one time, something snaps into place, another piece of the puzzle, and this happens to me all the time. It was there all along, but I wasn't ready for it. In this case it's from the book Creative Mind and Success by Ernest Holmes. I read this passage under the heading of Keeping The Thing In Mind..."NEVER let go of the mental image until it becomes manifested. Daily bring up the clear picture of what is wanted and impress it on the mind as an accomplished fact. This impressing on our own minds the thought of what we wish to realize will cause our own minds to impress the same thought on Universal mind." He goes on to say, "In this way we shall be praying without ceasing". He says that 15 minutes twice a day is all that is needed to manifest a desire, but it must be pure and you cannot allow any negative thought to enter into your vision. Easier said than done, but not impossible. I've started getting the picture in my head and then I ask God, "what is the highest thought that I can have about this desire", then I find it much easier to avoid all the negative thoughts that can ruin my beautiful picture. In addition to the 15 minutes twice a day, he says that the rest of our time must be spent constructively. "That is, we must stop all negative thinking and give over all wrong thought, holding fast to the realization that it is now done unto us.. We must know that we are dealing with the only power in the Universe; that there is none other beside it, and that we are partaking of its nature and its laws. Always, behind the word that we send forth, must be the calm confidence in our ability to speak into the power, and the willingness of Mind to execute for us. We must gradually grow in confindence and in trust in the unseen world of Spiritual activity. This is not hard if we but remember that the Spirit makes things out of Itself by simply becoming the thing that it makes, and since there is no other power to oppose it, it will always work. The Spirit will never fail us if we believe in its goodness and its responsiveness. Life will become one grand song, when we realize that since God is for us, none can be against us. We shall cease merely to exist, we shall live."

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