Sunday, April 29, 2012

Blast From My Past....

I remember going to get school clothes for my sophomore year of High School at the Woodland Hills Promenade. My mom and I were shopping for the last few items on the list which were a new purse and umbrella. We were in this beautiful boutique, for which the name escapes me, but I remember there were open umbrellas all along the store-front window and they sold only high end accessories. I ended up choosing a tan canvas and leather doctors bag and a beige and brown umbrella, solely based on the colors. I think how much more savvy kids are today. My daughter and her friends at age fifteen certainly knew the labels Gucci and Christian Dior. I was completely clueless until a school friend searching through my purse for a pen saw the lining of my bag and asked me what my father did for a living!! I've recently re-acquired them, because as you know, a good classic never goes out of style. I remember exactly what I wore with these. My wardrobe was (much like now) filled with neutrals. My favorite outfit being a pair of chocolate brown Sasson velvet jeans, an ivory silk tunic shirt, oatmeal nubby hooded long wrap sweater coat (my best friend and I each bought one together at Susies Casuals and we wore them everyday) and a pair of brown leather clogs. It's funny to me that I would totally wear that same outfit today some 35 years later.

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