Thursday, April 26, 2012

Skin Food...

I've been sort of taking notice of the way my skin reacts to certain things. Writing them down, keeping a log or a journal has been really helpful. I used to think that after applying a certain skin care product that over a period of time my skin would stop responding favorably to said product, but after keeping a log I've since come to the conclusion that no matter what I put on my skin, if I'm not feeding it properly, I'm going to look like crap. Sugar especially wreaks havoc on my face. And while yes, in my younger days I could get away with eating crap and staying up late, not drinking enough water and so forth and still have good skin, but now, as I'm heading to the 5-0 this September that no longer holds true. It's actually reassuring. I went on an Easter candy binge, eating really horrible stuff (stuff I can't even type for fear of shame)!! I wasn't putting two and two together and I was getting worried about the sagginess that was taking place. Then, out of my sugar addled buzz, I remembered that I used to eat really good. In a matter of a week my skin responded. I went back to eating a high raw diet and my skin firmed up and got back the dewey glow I'm used to seeing in the mirror. Here's a list of really yummy skin friendly foods to include in your diet. You don't have to exclude cooked foods, but rather include more of these in their raw natural state and see if your skin responds. avocado mango kale Swiss chard cherries bananas celery pears tangerines orange red and yellow peppers cucumbers apricot (fresh or dried) raw almonds walnuts filberts berries melons tomatoes pomegranate You want to really go for that rainbow diet. Reds, blues, yellows, greens, orange, greens. Sugar, according to Dr. Perricone is the root of all skin evils as well as disease. Eating foods low on the glycemic index is key. He wrote once that vegetarians do not age well, but I really don't think he's taking into consideration that there are many different kinds of veggie people out there. Those vegans who follow diets like Skinny Bitch are not going to age well, because it's a diet geared only toward animal compassion and not based on sound nutrition. If you're a veg and you eat burgers, burritos, fries,'re not eating for optimal health. There's got to be balance. I've been experimenting in the kitchen with the vitamix because I get bored with the same old smoothies all the time. I came up with this yummy conncoction: Two stalks of celery, two pears, 6 dates, 3/4 Cup of soaked almonds and cover all ingredients with water and blend until smooth. I've been munching on this yummy mediterranean salad as well. In the morning take a ziplock bag and add chopped Italian parsley, basil and oregano (all fresh, not dried), chopped cucumber (un-peeled), chopped tomatoes, medit. olives, chopped cauliflower, avocado and celery. Add cold pressed evoo, a squeeze of lemon and a twist of pink salt, let marinated and enjoy for lunch or dinner. You could even add a bit of feta to this salad if you eat dairy. My skin loves these foods, and it responds quickly, even after I've mistreated it.

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