Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Aging VS Regenerating...

As my diet becomes more pure, I am able to connect with my source in pure silence. This has been missing for some time, my meditations have been "noisy", not even really worth the effort. I can now just focus on the name God over and over in my head and be silent without any commentary coming through. Before I begin, I say a little prayer asking God to eliminate all things that are uneccessary, all things that are not part of the Christ pattern of perfection. I am always granted this prayer. Once my meditation is done, a flood of new information flows into my mind via the Christ mind. As I eat these raw pure foods, I hear Him telling me "I AM". "I am in these foods, I am in every cell and these foods are creating the new cells, and as you replace the old cells, the new cells are made from Me, the Intelligence within your body is now creating the Christ body from the foods that I designed to create this body". I feel light and free. I am opening the windows and letting light inside the house, I am taking an hour sunbath every day around 3pm and I hear Him tell me not to be afraid of the sun, that it His creation and it only reacts negatively with a toxic body. I hear Him tell me that He is creating strong bones out of vitamin D. I feel so much more peace. I ran out to the store to grab some organic lemons over the weekend and rather than schlep all the way to Whole Foods, I went to Von's, a place I rarely shop. I noticed all the people shopping and the condition of their bodies, most seemed almost zombie-like to me. Not one person in that store looked as if they were thriving. I looked in their carts and 90-100% of their food was canned or in a box. There was one specific woman that caught my interest. I'd say she looked like the average 60-something woman. Grey short matronly hair, sensible shoes, drooping skin, no make-up (I've given up), but the worst part was her body. She had a normal body except for her huge behind. She was rather short waisted and she could not stand up correctly, so she stooped way over. She was wearing elastic waisted pants that were "maxed out". I started to get the feeling that I was sent to this store for a purpose other than lemons. Then I heard it. "If you don't make a commitment now to this lifestyle, you will deeply regret it in the next 10-50 years". I sort of had a view into the future and I decided that I would much rather look and feel like the raw vegans I've met, rather than the majority of peaople walking around, including vegans who eat cooked food. There's a spark within them that others just don't have. I'm sure it's a side affect of having a really excellent quality of life. I've noticed that as people age, they walk around with a scowl on their faces and most of them will tell you that it sucks getting old. I'd scowl too if my joints ached, my bones were fragile and I was on 10 different meds just to keep me alive. The thing is, it doesn't have to be this way. This kind of aging is optional.

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