Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I spent the best part of the afternoon yesterday cleaning out my kitchen. I've been getting overwhelmed when it comes to preparing food for me and my family. It occured to me that there is too much going on in my small kitchen. I cleaned out my pantry and moved my "cooked food applances" into that space, and I'm now in the process of re-homing the pantry staples. My counters are clear and organized, now with only the things I use regularly, the Vita-mix, Cuisinart and I brought out Juiceman!! I'm still organizing the kitchen, but already I feel much more together. My fridge looks gorgeous without all the condiments in the door, but rather beautiful fruits and veggies in all the colors of the rainbow. Now, everything is easily accessible and visible. I think it's essential to understand a few things when transitioning. First and foremost, be kind to yourself if you do slip up, especially if you've consumed a mostly cooked diet for most of your life. From what I've read, you slowly transition. Also, you come to a point (which is where I believe I am), when you begin to get ill when you do slip up. This is when you know that it's time to stick with it. Secondly, organization is key. Don't get caught up trying to make elaborate recipes that can overwhelm you. This is quite different from making a regular salad. If not using lemon juice and olive oil, you have to soak nuts, then blend with juice that has to be freshly squeezed, herbs that are freshly chopped, all very time consuming. I've decided that for now, I'm going to dine out when I want something elaborate and save the fancy stuff for special occasions. You also start to get a feel for the kinds of foods that your specific body needs and they can be different at specific times in your life or even cycle. There are days when the heavier foods like nuts, seeds, avocado and bananas kind of turn my stomach, but when I first started to transition, I craved them all the time. Now, I find that watery fruits and leafy greens are what I'm craving. I'm also giving up store bought juices, and instead adding whole fruits to my smoothies or juicing at home. This morning I had a water melon-lime smoothie, later I had a bowl of organic raspberries and blackberries. When my boys woke up I made them a really yummy smoothie made from the meat and water of a young coconut, dates, a frozen banana, carob powder and frozen cherries. I had a small cup and we all agreed that it really did taste like chocolate, but even the small cup I had left me feeling a bit too full. There's a balance between spaced out and too grounded and you get a feel for it after a time because you become very in tune with your body. You really become more alive in all ways. I stumbled upon a forum where a medical doctor was saying that the raw vegan diet was not healthy and boy was that a heated discussion board, it's right up there with politics and religion, no matter what side you're on!! But the reason I think people think it's not healthy (at least judging by these posts), most people who tried it got sicker on the diet. But what they don't understand is that they were toxic and just like a step into the light with anything, the dark has to come out. I've noticed some healing reactions as well. In the last few weeks, I've had some fatigue and I can barely remember my name (candida), my asthma is worse, but I know in a few more weeks this is all going to pass. Some of the positives I've experienced are better oral health. My gums were bleeding a lot, and no matter how often or how long I brushed I had plaque, that's completely gone now, even after I eat there is no plaque. For the first couple weeks my breath smelled a bit like dog poo (not pleasant), but I bought a tongue scraper at WFM and I made my own toothpaste out of baking soda and peppermint essential oil and now even my morning breath is nice. The other nice thing is that I can't remember the last time my lips were not chapped, even as a girl who owns upwards of 20 lip balms, but my lips are now smooth and hydrated from the inside. I think it's important to help along the detox process by using a skin brush and a tongue scraper, also exercising can help sweat out those toxins. My daughter said that I barely had cellulite the other day, not sure if that's the truth, but it does seem to be diminishing. I've also been making my own moisturizer out of lemon juice and virgin coconut oil and I have noticed that some sunspots are fading. I was all set to purchase some new pricey skin goodies, but as I've prayed to eliminate all that is uneccessary, the desire seems to have passed and I felt led to make this concoction. Toying with making my own vitamin c ester cream by mixing the ester powder with the evcoconut oil. Coconut oil is really good for the skin, as well as lemon and raw honey. I read about a study involving severe burn victims and the control group that were given honey on their burns healed more rapidly without infection and with less permanent damage and scarring. Raw honey has amazing antibacterial properties. I used it on a cut the other day and it does work. As I become more conscious of what I put into my body, I seem to be more conscious of what I put on it as well. I've also noticed that some skin care products that I've used in the past are no longer appropriate for me, as I immediately felt itchy and started swelling. As soon as I washed it off I got some relief. so as I change on the inside, the outside must also follow, as within, so without. Another benefit I've experienced is a greater sense of peace and joy, and I feel a strong sense of well-being, an expansive quality and a deeper sense of love for myself, my Creator and all of His creations.

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