Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mantra Du Jour...

Today I spent 20 minutes in a mindful meditation going through affirmations that are specific to my truth and what I desire to create in my life and for the planet. The last affirmation came to me by surprise as it wasn't part of my usual repertoire. I am a blessing to all whom I encounter was the last affirmation I said as my iPhone alarm sounded the familiar crickets chirping. It felt so true that I set my
alarm for another 20 minutes and focused solely on that phrase. I am a blessing to all whom I encounter, I am a blessing to all whom I encounter. I started to dwell on what that would feel like. Pretty good as you can imagine. As I impressed that on my mind, people started flowing into my mind and I sent them each a silent blessing, without a thought to any kind of problem or trouble they had, nor a thought to any kind of trouble I may have perceived that they had caused me in the past. I was able to see them just as God does, without any kind of sickness or lack, no commentary on my part whatsoever. Just pure unconditional love flowing through me from my Creator out into the ethers to the intended.

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