Tuesday, May 22, 2012

On The Mend...

Today has been a much better day. I got a good report on my hand at my doctors appointment today, the ant-nausea pills are working and I have detoxed from the Vicodin. The depression has dissipated, I'm feeling better about letting George go. I stopped by my Vet's office today to speak to Vindy, our trainer and she assured me that this is the only option and I'm doing the best that I can for George. We decided to have Dr. Slaton come to the house and do it. I've always liked the idea of allowing your pet to die at home. It seems much more loving and compassionate. Everyone seems to think I should get another dog right away to bring some light into a dark situation. I'm not so sure, one day at a time. Vindy suggested that we don't rescue this time, but go through a reputable breeder so we know our dogs history. I was thinking the same thing. I never thought I would EVER buy from a breeder but my mind has changed in the last few days. I'm so grateful that the depression has lifted, I really don't care to waste anymore of my life in that dungeon. I have the normal sadness that anyone would have in facing having to put their best friend down. What a difference prayer makes. I have seven more days to go on the gnarly antibiotics and Dr. Bezema said I could cut it down to four more days instead. I've been saying my Psalms and getting peace from their words. I feel the action of God working through me. I have decided to focus on finding the good in this situation. Catherine Ponder says to affirm, "I can hardly wait to see what good God has for me in this situation".

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