Friday, May 4, 2012

Planet Raw...

Last night we packed up the kids and headed out to Santa Monica to Planet Raw. I'd heard a lot about the place, read about chef Juiliano and even have his book. As recommended, we ordered dessert first and the strawberry mousse WAS scrumptious. The apple pie...meh. We ordered several items and we all shared. Two orders of nachos, kelp pasta, garlic bread and grilled cheeze. All in all I thought that the food was overly salty and felt heavy. It didn't feel clean and healthy, more like junk food but in a raw state. I don't think all raw food is equal. We went to Cru in Silverlake a couple of years ago for our anniversary and I thought the food was far better. After eating at Planet Raw I felt tired and wanted to take a nap, as if I'd been on my lunch break back in the 90's and had just consumed a burger with fries, making a super-sized iced tea neccessary so as not to fall asleep back at my office. The bread in the grilled cheeze was super rich and I only had one bite, H thought the same thing. The nachos were good, but very salty. He uses some ingredients that I'm trying to avoid, such as maple syrup (not raw), agave, nama shoyu, cacao and the use of a dehydrator. It was good for us to go out and try new things though because it confirmed what I'd read on Jinjii's blog about those foods and methods. This would be better suited to someone who is deeply embedded in the SAD diet who is wanting to transition to raw foods that are similar in traditional flavors and heaviness.

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