Friday, May 4, 2012

Two Listeners...

"Earth's intrigues are not for you. Learn of Me. Simplicity brings true rest and peace." This is such a great lesson. I look at the people around us who are leaving the planet. Many have been involved in some fight against injustice. The latest being Adam Rauch of the Beastie Boys. His fight to free Tibet really didn't resolve anything and now where is he? Dead. It's not our work to right the wrongs of the world, we're actually just throwing gasoline on the fire. No matter how good the intentions, the negativity one must feel in these battles is the same as the negativity of the opponent. We're clearly told not to give any attention to the intrigues of the earth. Peace within our own soul is the only way to extend peace out to the world. Whatever is going on out there is merely a reflection of what is going on within ourselves. Whether China, the middle east or east L.A.

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